Spring ArtScene

Spring ArtScene will be held on Friday, April 10 from 5-9 p.m. and Saturday, April 11 from 3-9 p.m.

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ArtScene in late April brings out thousands of art-lovers to galleries and studios all over town, to enjoy new exhibits of original works. Art Scene attracts so many fans because it is free, and it's fun for both the browser and the buyer.


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304 Main, 304 N. Main Street
“#TheDaylightHours of April 11th” A pop-up gallery of photographs taken on April 11th. Twenty-five participants sign up that morning, take to the streets to find people with interesting stories, and take their portraits. These photographers deliver the photos that afternoon to be printed and framed for the show that night. This is also an opportunity to tour the former American Insurance Company building at the corner of Jefferson and Main. See it before renovation and take a gander at the future plans. Building tours Friday and Saturday. #TheDaylightHours on Saturday only. OPEN UNTIL 9 P.M. FRIDAY & 10 P.M. SATURDAY Click for map this location

317 Studio & Gallery, 317 Market Street
“2:21” Two locations and 21 local artists exhibit at 317 Studio & Gallery and Ameriprise Financial. Canvas, glass, fiber, photography and more will fill two spaces by artists Tabatha Dougherty, Therese Rowinski, Jean Apgar, Paul Burkholder, Robert Coffey, Wayne Dust, Steve Edwards, Jon Fassett, Kate Grinnell, Brian Harker, Eve Harker, Paul Henderson, Karen Hilliard, Chelsea Mamott, Jenny Matthews, Bruce McDonald, Paul Pinzarrone, James Scanlon, Bob Smith, Greg Whitson and Michelle Young-Turner. Click for map this location

Abreo Restaurant, 515 E. State Street
“Revolution” An exhibit featuring new works by Jon Scordato. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

Allegory Project, 505 N. Madison Street
Allegory Project and RAAC present “Event Horizon: Invitational” An Event Horizon is a space/time boundary, a "point of no return", when gravitational pull becomes so great it makes escape impossible. Most often associated with black holes in out space, last summer it was used to describe Singularity, an event in the future.* Invited artists share their vision of this transformation: Ellyn Ahmers, John Candiotti, John Gardner, Lara Haiman, Brett Fiedler, Raven Johnson, Tim Monroe , Ted Simmering, Maya Simmons, Sarah Thistle, Tracy Triplett, Elizabeth Wamsley, Nancy Olson Yehling, Vic Yehling, Mike Hawk, video. OPEN MIC each evening at 9 p.m./IN PRINT Writers share their work. *Tim’s friend Kent Barshov. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

Ameriprise Financial, 6870 Rote Road, Suite 102
“2:21” See 317 Studio & Gallery for more information OPEN 5-9 FRIDAY & SATURDAY Click for map this location

Anderson Japanese Gardens, 318 Spring Creek Road
“The Nature Around Us” A showcase of wood sculpture by Salem Barker, handmade soaps and candles by Christina Barker, mixed media by Karla Lombardo, stained glass by Linda Lombardo, photography by John Lombardo, Raku pottery, Shawn Barbagallo and charcoal and pastels by Nancy Yehling. Live demonstrations by several artists. Click for map this location

Ascension Art Studio, 323 W. Jefferson Street
This inaugural event features special guest artist Tom Heflin and new works by artists Barry Reithmeier, Ron Clevenger, Ray Schulz, Bob Cholke and Debra Capriola. (formerly known as Studio Works) Click for map this location

Bees Knees General Store, 118 N. First Street
“The First Street Art Gallery” A new eclectic way to shop for all things vintage, funky and bohemian. Artists include Alan Brown, Jeanie Reynolds and Mossy Vaughn. Look for our grand opening in April! OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

Bennie's Cleaners, 126 N. First Street
“Spring for Art” Works by Sue Abare, watercolor; Carrie Baxter, acrylic mixed media; Barbara Berney, digital photography and jewelry; Savon Blosser, beaded and metal jewelry; Julie Ekstam, painting; Kurt Erickson, digital collage and acrylic painting; Chuck Finch, photography; Karen Gines, acrylic painting; Marsha Goodheart, mixed media; Jennifer Hillistad, cigar box handbags; Anne Johnson, mixed fiber creations; Gordie Johnson, turned wood; Pam Kehoe-Peterson, jewelry; Norm Knott, mixed media; Tom Linden, Plein Air oils; Cynthia Linnabary, hand built pottery; Barbara McNamara, painting; Gail Moreland, photography; Scott Mount, watercolor; Sue Mount, watercolor; Sherry Pritz, digital photography; Carolyn Repka, painting; Wanie Reeverts, watercolor; Una Ryan, fabric/mixed media; Barbara Santucci, painting; Nadja Schutt, jewelry; Jeffrey D. Swanberg, photography; Susan Swedlund, ceramics; Chinacat Tang, acrylic painting and linoleum print and Meghan Turley, painting. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. FRIDAY & 9 P.M. SATURDAY Click for map this location

Clabough Photography, 136 N. First Street
An exhibit featuring digital photography from Colorado and beyond by Tom Clabough. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

Colorlab Cosmetics, 1112 5th Avenue
"Betty Blue" Molly Carter displays mixed media works on paper incorporating painting, drawing and stitching. Click for map this location

Disastr House, 714 Locust Street
“The Spice of Life” A mix of styles and media taking you from earthly adventures to other worldly imaginings featuring Brandon S, Denver Trashcat, Cheyenne Dean and other artists from the Disastr House Community. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

District Bar & Grill, 205 W. State Street

Paintings in radiant oils on canvas using vibrant color and light by Marta Njos.  Marta was born in Lublin Poland and currently lives and teaches in Rockford.   

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Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 920 3rd Avenue
“E(ART)H: Art for a Planet in Peril” Multimedia and interactive experience of local artists’ reflections and statements on the climate crisis. Artists include Betsy Youngquist, Brett Whitacre, Deborah Lucas, Ruth Ann Molyneaux, Deborah Kelly, Mark Bond, Drew Helge, Trisha Peters, Jessie Crow Mermel, Julaine Lofquist-Birch, Lily Picot, Andrea Mahan, Randy Mermel, Laura Sjoquist, Susan Hurley, Val Lemem, Ray Schulz, Asia Peters, Mark Hoffman, Betsy DeGunther, CAPA Performing Artists and other various artists. Click for map this location

Garrison Lofts, 1105 N. Court Street

“Judith Meyer: Many Views” An exhibit featuring paintings, jewelry and hand-painted ceramics by artist Judith Meyer. Judith recently moved to Rockford from SW New Mexico and is currently teaching at Rock Valley College.

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Irish Rose Saloon, 519 E. State Street
“Gravity + Friction” An exploration of space and tension. Found objects and assemblage are the focus of the work featuring Bradley Cahill and William Haun. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

Just Goods, 201 7th Street
An exhibit featuring photography by Chris Mann. Click for map this location

Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records, 6685 E. State Street
“Matt Herbig: New Work/Kenneth Litteral: Paintings” Matt’s new work for this show originated in the artists enjoyment of old records. Each piece is a collage created out of elements from old record jackets bought at thrift stores or recycled junk. Kenneth’s wood paintings have a great comic style and add a wonderful dark sense of humor. Click for map this location

Katie's Cup Coffeebar, 502 7th Street
An eclectic exhibit featuring Jen Keller, Joy of Life Photography; David Zoberis, watercolors/pastels; Mario Duarte, freestanding sculpture art; Sheila Carey, unique stone jewelry; Mary Rosandich, stained glass; Brian Carter, abstract acrylic mixed media and Ingrid Hyde, acrylic pop/fusion style art. Click for map this location

Kortman Gallery, 107 N. Main Street
“Nature/Nurture: A Family of Artists” Rebecca Downing Pelley, Ellie Pinzarrone and Paul Pinzarrone cause us to revisit the question, are artists born or made? Nature/Nurture highlights the work of mother, daughter and father and explores personal relationships and creative connections. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. FRIDAY & 9 P.M. SATURDAY. Click for map this location

Locust Street Press, 116 W. Locust Street
“Community” Locust Street Press presents an eclectic mix of community artists that prove that community is truly a bit of everything. Featured artists include Emily Rezin, calligraphy and watercolor); Gary Steines, wood working; Taryn Palm, paper craft and more local artists. Make your own letterpress art! Hands-on letterpress demonstrations on our Vandercook presses both nights. Click for map this location

Lucette Salon & Spa, 508 E. State Street
“Celebrate eARTh Month” A celebration of an infinite variety of mediums and perspectives featuring artists Katie Young, Megan Weber, Seth Cook, Joseph Hunt, Gretchen Stark, Cari Ann Wayman, Jesus Correa, Yunkin Keophomma, Mike Selover, Eleanor Boersma, Steve Nofsinger, Georgia Brown, Angel Steege, Nabeel Shaikh, Jennifer Zito, Jenny Matthews, Thomas Vaultonburg, Elizabeth Kris McQueeny, Linda Lott and Jessica Lao. Several artists will be donating pieces for sale to raise money for The Alliance for the Great Lakes. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. SATURDAY Click for map this location

Minglewood Plush Boutique, 510 E. State Street
“Funland-Linoleum Block Prints by Sarah Reed McNamara” Some picture tricks and puzzles new and funny things for you to do! Funland is a new linoleum block print series introduced by local printmaker Sarah Reed McNamara. This print series is full of whimsy and delightful images, meant to entertain and intrigue. All prints are hand-carved and printed by the artist. Click for map this location

North Main Studios, Door 4 South/2nd Floor, 2500 N. Main Street
“Spring Fever” An exhibit featuring twenty-five local artists displaying a variety of media. OPEN FRIDAY FROM 4-10 P.M. AND SATURDAY FROM NOON-10 P.M. Click for map this location

Old Upholstery Building, 915 E. State Street
An exhibit showcasing artwork from various local artists. Click for map this location

Pearl Bistro, 6876 Spring Creek Road
“Permission to Shine” An exhibit featuring mixed media surrealism works by Kylie Lewis. “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same.”- Nelson Mandela. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

Rockford Area Baha'i Center, 1650 N. Alpine Road
“Conversations: One Human Race” the Race Rewrite Project A space for art to reflect on the intersections of our lives. Art and performances by various visual and performing artists including the founders of the Race ReWrite Project from Washington DC and Atlanta, GA. Participatory art experiences will be included throughout the evening. Join us in the Race Rewrite Project...Creating a future of Justice, Healing and Reunion. Click for map this location

Rockford Art Deli, 402 E. State Street
“Research Turtle Soup” “Are you finding what you were looking for....out here with me? I hope so.” A bit of a mystery man, Chris Evans, also known as Warehouse Escape Plan, takes the magical world of Wes Anderson and creates beautiful character portraits that evoke the very emotion you feel when watching the films. Aurora is where he calls home, but exhibits throughout the lands. “Research Turtle Soup” will remain viewable through June 11 during business hours. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

Rockford Art Museum, 711 N. Main Street
“Carlos Rolón/Dzine: Now and Then” Internationally acclaimed artist Carlos Rolón/Dzine, whose Ghost Bike Project public art installation last fall in Rockford proved to be profoundly moving, stirring conversation that affected the Midwest region and beyond. This exhibit features elaborately crafted paintings, ornate sculptures and works that explore issues surrounding inclusion, beauty, craft-making and longing. Rolón painstakingly illuminates how the masculine can become delicate and baroque, minimal. Now and Then is Rolón’s first solo museum exhibition in the Midwest. (through May 31) Click for map this location

Rockford Auto Museum, 518 Walnut Street
“Automotive Neon Signs and Exterior Murals” A display of automotive neon art and hand-painted exterior murals by artist Jason Gough. Click for map this location

Rockford City Hall, 425 E. State Street
An exhibit featuring the talents of Rockford Art Guild Artists. Works by Melissa Booker, photography; Rick Borrett, acrylic and charcoal; Beverly Broyles, watercolor; Mario Duarte, metal sculpture; Jill Martin-Golden, pastels; Laura Gomel, painting; Chuck Gregory, painting, John Hanstch, painting; Paula Marsh, painting; Debra Mayer, painting and drawing; John Naretta, oil and acrylic; Pam Parkinson, mixed media; Dee Santorini, painting, wallstones and pottery; Bruce Santorini, pottery; Jose Sente, mosaic sculpture; Tony Volanti, photography; David Zoberis, oils and watercolor Anjan,food. Music by “The Soft Shoe Shufflers” OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. FRIDAY & 9 P.M. SATURDAY. Click for map this location

Rockford Roasting Company, 206 N. Main Street
“Lemuette” Hand- carved and hand- painted woodblock prints texturally depicting peaceful and natural surroundings by artist Kari McDonald. Click for map this location

Rockford University Art Gallery, 5050 E. State Street (Clark Arts Center)
“Faculty Exhibit” Recent work by Rockford University Art Department Faculty featuring Danielle Barton, Molly Carter, David Menard, Chris Sisson and Philip Soosloff. Click for map this location

RUAC/420 7th Street, 420 7th Street
An exhibit showcasing artwork from Melinda Peterson-Fluaitt, Rockford University Art Club, Brian Curry, repurposed bike designs and Danika Mollway “Primavera” a collection of prints and collages inspired by Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) paraphernalia. A mixture of patterned fabric with bold images that encompass both the power and subtlety of spring. Click for map this location

Shelter Care Ministries, 218 7th Street
“Innovative Art” An exhibit featuring surrealism and graphic art to woodwork and sculpture. Artists include Jaime Scanlon, paintings/ink drawings; Bill Benson, wood art; Barbara Berney, digital photo art; Scott Miles, nuts & bolts art; Amy Holmquist, nature photography and cards; Renee Melles, abstract pen & ink and many other artists. Click for map this location

State of the Art Gallery, 218 E. State Street
“Action” the Act of Creating State of the Art Gallery is happy to host artists Jeremy Klonicki and Carmen Turner. Carmen combines found materials with painting and hand-felted wool to create custom lighting and sculpture. Jeremy finds beauty in patterns developed over great amounts of time and incorporates them into functional and non-functional objects. Also featured will be a variety of local and regional artists. Live music and art performance from 7-8 p.m. with artist Roni Golan. OPEN UNTIL 10 P.M. Click for map this location

The Nordlof Center, 118 N. Main Street

New paintings in radiant watercolors by Karen Harding.  Also, meet the volunteers from Rockford Redux, comprised of area residents who are working to salvage and repurpose the entryway to the former Rockford Cabinet Company building.  View images of the decorative limestone entry, purchase a brick from the building, repurposed and designed by MainfraiM, pick up a Bygone Brand shirt with the original Rockford Cabinet Company logo and show your support!

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The Olympic Tavern, 2327 N. Main Street
"The Art of the Coaster" Click for map this location

University Club, 945 N. Main Street
An exhibit featuring framed and matted street and landscape photography and note cards with floral and landscape views by Paul Burkholder. OPEN FRIDAY EVENING ONLY. Click for map this location